Fringe Events - Ordinary to Extraordinary

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We are beyond excited to tell you about our collaborator for the upcoming On The Fringe Event,

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Revitaliste is a unique furniture revitalization company based in San Francisco with a passion for sustainability and a flair for pushing the limits of design. Their team not only revitalizes antique or pre-owned furniture pieces to their former glory but also, customizes pieces into something completely new and unexpected. With the help of an extremely talented group of seasoned artisans Revitaliste is able to transform mundane pieces of furniture into custom pieces that make a statement! At CHD we are all about pushing the limits of design and we thought that collaborating with this creative, entrepreneurial, and female-founded business was a no brainer!

For this event we have designed five unique pieces of furniture that are intended to represent the different ways we can elevate ordinary pieces of furniture within our homes. Both CHD and Revitaliste strive to see potential in places where others may not, and through this event we want to show others that the ability to redesign a piece of furniture is not out of reach. Casey and team had a blast selecting the bold materials used to create these one of a kind pieces and we are excited to share the finished product through Ordinary to Extraordinary! At our event, you will be able to meet Amy Frederickson the founder of Revitaliste while learning more about the ways you can create the extraordinary within your own home! 

You can learn more about Revitaliste by clicking the button below!

Always strive to be extraordinary!

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