Fringe Curiosities - Style Like a Designer

After an amazing On The Fringe event last month we wanted to share some of the CHD products and accessorizing tips that our team used to pull together the eclectic bookshelves at our venue. Most of the items featured in this post (even the killer Amanda Wright pottery pieces) are shoppable through our Fringe Curiosities online boutique. Each item is handpicked by Casey for the unique qualities it possesses. Whether it’s an edgy piece inspired by avant-garde fashion, or a captivating conversation piece full of personality, Casey’s chic sense of style stems from her passion for designs that transcend trend and add a distinct point of view to a space. These tips are some of the tried and true techniques we use when accessorizing a space, we hope you find the time to experiment with them in your own home, with only one caveat, be bold and have fun!

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Imagine your shelf, side table, or coffee table as a landscape with a background, middleground, and foreground. When you are using the layering technique the goal is to build interest throughout the entire landscape by paying attention to the background as well as what’s in front. Typically you want to begin by placing larger pieces in the back so the smaller pieces aren't lost in the layers. In a larger shelf you can even place artwork or a mirror in the back to really give the space some depth. You may also want to consider a patterned or colorful wallpaper option in the back of your shelf this adds another layer of interest in a place that is typically forgotten about.

In the middle and foreground you can focus on the pieces that will be your focal point. This is the place to create compelling arrangements like a bowl stacked on a book, or a collection of objects from a similar family. Casey also loves incorporating live plants into her design compositions, they add yet another layer of interest and bring a fresh and lively feel to a space.

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Some of the most successful designs are the ones that are inspired by a client’s own personal style. Accessorizing is the perfect time to incorporate some of the pieces from your personal collection. Pieces acquired while traveling, or special objects that are meaningful give a space a very personalized feel that can't be replicated. We don't want your home to look like a copy of someone else's, instead your home should be one of a kind, just like the people living there!

You can begin to incorporate these special pieces by using the layering technique and don’t worry, just because something has a different style, or comes from a different period of time, doesn't mean it wont work well with other pieces. Casey loves to blend vintage items with modern pieces and the result is an eclectic look that can't be placed in one time period.

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You know that feeling when a design just works and you can't pinpoint the reason why? That’s balance! This is probably the most abstract of the three tips but it’s still important to take balance into consideration when designing. When you're accessorizing a space you often need to step back and take a look at the whole picture which includes the interaction of objects with the other objects around it, as well as the negative space surrounding each item. Sometimes a shelf can feel heavy, maybe there are too many items in relation to the other shelves. Other times a shelf can feel lifeless, usually this happens because there are too many of the same type of object. Both of these scenarios can easily lead to a boring shelf!

You need variety when styling a shelf, variety in scale, texture, color, material, and object type. It is also helpful to create a focal point which creates a more compelling composition. The rule of balance goes beyond just accessorizing, and some people are naturally better at it than others, but like everything else: practice makes perfect, and by experimenting with balance you can begin to see beyond a single object and start to see the space as a whole!

We hope these tips inspire you to clean off those bookshelves and start fresh! Bringing a fresh new look to your space is not as tough as you might think and reworking your accessories is a great place to start!


We’re excited to share some of the photos from our first On The Fringe event! Amanda Wright, and the Khrista Jarvis Team made it so special! We also want to give a special thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who made it happen behind the scenes. We love our community and are grateful to be able to share our vision through these events. (Stay tuned, September is going to be fun! #OnTheFringeRound2)