Fringe Events - Women on the Fringe

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We hope that with each On The Fringe event we are able to share our passion for the exceptional and unique by introducing the community to individuals and experiences with distinctive points of view. Our inaugural event showcases a group of driven women who are each pushing the boundaries of their respective industries. We are excited to celebrate the hardworking women in our community while empowering others to push the creative limits in their own lives!

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Our goal is to provide the world’s finest customer service in real estate to our East Bay clients in Alamo, Blackhawk, Danville, Diablo, Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon. We love what we do. We are passionate about real estate and pay close attention to all details to ensure clients get the experience they deserve. We believe in teamwork. Our team blends extensive real estate knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity into our business all to benefit buyers and sellers with exceptional service. Our extensive knowledge of our community and our appreciation for the beautiful place in which we are fortunate enough to live inspires us to give back. We regularly participate and volunteer for events and charities to benefit local schools and organizations.

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Using white stoneware and neutral colored glazes, Amanda Wright creates traditional forms charged with a modern spirit. It is utilitarian art intended for everyday use. With the Servitude collection, Amanda strives to create bold pieces that elevate and highlight the unique styles of subcultures and society’s fringe groups. She is constantly exploring the nooks and crannies of San Francisco to find inspiration and fresh design concepts.

Amanda originally got her start in the fashion industry and spent many years working in L.A. designing costumes for TV and movies. Eventually Amanda and her husband decided they wanted to leave southern California, opting instead for a slower paced lifestyle to raise their family. St. Helena is home to many artists and designers who are drawn to the idyllic sloping hills and vineyards. Despite being at home in wine country, Amanda’s main source of inspiration continues to be fashion.

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My inspiration for each event is driven by my desire to bring an alternative design viewpoint to my community, and by hosting these events, I can show others how this aesthetic can be achieved in their own homes. When designing a space, I look for objects with edge, that add richness and quality to each of my client’s homes. At Casey Howard Designs we strive to create immersive spaces that stand the test of time, and we achieve this by continuously refreshing our knowledge of the industry. 

I discovered Amanda’s work while I was working on the Napa Valley Showhouse, and I have been a huge fan of hers ever since. Her aesthetic embodies exactly what excites me in the design world! Something different, fun, and of course a little provocative. Seeing these pieces come to life has been a dream come true, and I am very excited to be able to share this very special Servitude collaboration with you all!

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The Amanda Wright X CHD Servitude collection combines Amanda’s bold and sensual Servitude with Casey’s signature style, a little punk rock with a playful kick. The collection includes a plethora of pieces ranging from a killer studded skull ice bucket to an oversized ceramic fringe tray, but the cherry on top of it all, is the collection of 12 mirrors that Casey and Amanda co-designed specifically for this event. The goal when designing these mirrors was to find a way to leverage Amanda’s incredible artistic ability to create unique home accessories with personality. These pieces are meant to draw your eye, and bring a touch of design indulgence to any space.

We are passionate about this collection and encourage everyone to experiment with the bold and the unexpected within their homes. Each of these pieces are a work of art and we believe that high quality pieces, like Amanda’s, add value and a richness to our homes that we cannot achieve otherwise. At CHD we like to share the things that excite us with our friends and clients. This collection is at the heart of what we stand for, and we are blown away by the results (we hope you are too!).

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Fringe Focus - Amanda Wright

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“It is well known that working in the design field requires a constant hunt for inspiration.”-CH

This inspiration can come in a variety of forms, for example; nature, fashion, and artwork, are among the many things that I look towards when I want to get the creative juices flowing! On a gorgeous Thursday afternoon, in Napa Valley, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet with one of my favorite artists, and after spending only a few hours together, I quickly learned that her story, and personality, are as inspired as her pieces.

Amanda’s St. Helena kitchen

Amanda’s St. Helena kitchen

Excitement was in the air as we pulled up to the beautifully manicured and unassuming home of Amanda Wright and family in St. Helena. We were greeted at the door by Amanda herself and were instantly put at ease by her down-to-earth demeanor. Artwork adorned the white walls of the living room while the warm light from outside filled the kitchen. Amanda graciously got to work opening a bottle of bubbly while introductions were exchanged.

Amanda originally got her start in the fashion industry and spent many years working in L.A. designing costumes for TV and movies. Eventually Amanda and her husband decided they wanted to leave Southern California, opting for a slower paced lifestyle to raise their family. St. Helena is home to many artists and designers who are drawn to the idyllic sloping hills and vineyards that span for miles, a perfect example of nature as inspiration! Despite being at home in wine country, Amanda’s main source of inspiration continues to be fashion.

Amanda’s throwing wheel and studio space

Amanda’s throwing wheel and studio space

Everyday Wear

Everyday Wear

Both Amanda and Casey begin their design process by pulling inspiration from the traditional and then pushing the boundaries with unique details that are both novel and unexpected. The pieces in Amanda’s Servitude collection possess a domineering air about them, they are strong, and demanding of your attention! In contrast, her everyday wear pieces have a quiet beauty about them. The two different collections reflect a duality that we believe many women share. We can be strong, passionate, and tough when the time is right, but we are approachable, helpful, and refined when we choose to be. We saw these two sides in Amanda when we visited her studio and found it extremely endearing.

Amanda’s Wall Tiles

Amanda’s Wall Tiles

“ Pieces like Amanda’s embody the fun, funky, and fresh AESTHETIc that i LOVE to INCORPORATE in my designs” -CH

This meeting was born from the mutual appreciation both Casey and Amanda share for each other’s work and mission. You can see many of Amanda’s pieces dotting the interiors throughout Casey’s portfolio, and when we started planning our first CHD Fringe Event, we knew instantly that we wanted to highlight Amanda’s work. After taking a tour of Amanda’s home and studio, with a quick stop to pick some oranges from her burgeoning orange trees, we were on our way to lunch at Archetype in downtown St. Helena.

Backyard orange picking

Backyard orange picking

Archetype Napa

Archetype Napa

After a lovely lunch it was time to get down to business! Casey and Amanda had to decide on the final design of their collaborative piece. This piece would be shown for the first time at Casey’s first Fringe Event which will be taking place at the end of March. In the end, after all of the discussion, Casey and Amanda agreed on, not just one piece, but a set of 5 custom mirrors that reflect the aesthetic of both women, and pay homage to the many multifaceted women that inspire us! We can’t wait to share Amanda’s pieces with the local Danville community and we are forever grateful for your continued support, and the support of inspiring artists like Amanda Wright.

All the best,

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Fringe Finds - CHD Must Haves For 2019!

Don’t you love the feeling the New Year brings! It’s a clean slate, and a fresh start after all the chaos of the holidays. We asked the CHD team what they looked forward to the most on New Years and we all agreed, goal setting is number one on our list! The ability to plan out the upcoming year, while daydreaming about its seemingly endless possibilities, generates a renewed excitement for the future that absolutely powers and supports us through the year. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite finds in Fashion, Fitness, and Home Organization that we hope will help you achieve those shiny new goals in 2019.


Of course the most popular resolution is always to be healthier, whether that means starting a new hardcore workout regimen, or simply adopting new ways to be more thoughtful about our bodies and the environment, being healthy in 2019 is more about lifestyle than any single fad or trend. Being health conscious permeates every aspect of our lives, from the brands we buy, the food we eat, and even the clothes we wear! More and more people are making choices that protect and preserve not only our own health, but the health of our planet. With that being said, we wanted to share a super cool and exciting activewear brand that is doing just that. Not only does NAGNATA look killer but the brand is passionate about social responsibility and is focused on reducing the negative impact that “fast fashion” has had on our environment. We highly recommend checking out their lookbook for some funky activewear inspo you can feel good about loving!

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If you're not familiar with this woman you should be! Brandi Geiger is the co-owner of Fit Mind N Body in Danville. Brandi and her husband Ray have had a long history in the health and wellness fields and they both understand the impact that living a healthy lifestyle has on our overall quality of life. Brandi and Ray have helped their clients, including Casey, feel better in their bodies with services like, The Fit Mind n Body Clean Lifestyle Online Program that begins with a 28 Day Reset Your Body Cleanse which eliminates all inflammatory foods from your diet and then allows you to slowly re-introduce them to pinpoint inflammatory triggers. Another service that peaked our interest here at CHD was the Bemer Therapy Sessions. Brandi explains, “BEMER is a device that uses a low level pulsed electro magnetic field, similar to that of the earth's electro magnetic field, to bathe the body with a soothing energy that has a positive effect on every cell.” Lastly, at Fit Mind N Body they use ARP Wave therapy to identify the source of pain from an injury instead of just treating the symptom. We are so grateful to Brandi and Ray for providing the Danville community with holistic alternatives to wellness that have helped improve the lives of their clients! To learn more about Brandi, Ray, and Fit Mind N Body, visit their website by clicking the button below!

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At CHD we are fashion obsessed and we definitely appreciate a beautifully organized closet! The New Year is the perfect time to start a new organization routine, whether that means rolling up your sleeves and completely re-organizing your closet, or just snuggling up in a cozy faux fur throw on the couch to watch Marie Kondo Tidy Up on Netflix (sometimes we need inspiration before we can tackle our closet monsters!). We love designing functional closets here at CHD and there is one organizational item we can’t live without, and that is the Luxe Bag Care Acrylic Handbag Hanger. This novel organizational tool was invented by female entrepreneur, and Danville local, Robin Tripaldi. Robin was unhappy with the storage options available for her beloved handbags so she designed a unique solution that was not only good for the bags, but was also aesthetically pleasing.

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This chic handbag hanger frees up space in your closet by suspending your gorgeous handbags, while maintaining the integrity and shape of the bag itself which extends the life of the bag! We don't want anyone to have sad handbags in their closets in 2019 and this hanger is a must have for every fashion girl! To visit the Luxe Bag Care website click the button below!


Casey Howard Designs is certainly looking forward to 2019! Exciting new projects, and amazing clients are what we are forever grateful for every year! We hope that you are as intrigued and excited about these products and people as we are. We are always interested in people who are looking to enrich the lives of others in their own signature way!

Cheers to reaching those goals in 2019!

All the best,

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Fringe Finds- CHD’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holiday’s are here again! With all the decorating and festive cheer, we find ourselves immersed in the busiest of seasons, which usually involves some pretty hefty shopping, especially if you have kids! With so little time, and SO many fabulous gifts to choose from, let us help you find unique and thoughtful presents to wow your friends and family.

For the pet lover in your life look no further than Bitch New York to find the gorgeous collars like the one we show below. The incredible dragon detail on this standout lipstick from Wu-Tang & Milk Makeup caught our eye and would be perfect for any glamour girl. Just pop a bow on the handsome black box of luxurious socks for the men in your life by Paul Smith or treat them to a gorgeous addition to their bar with the fun rocket decanter and barbell barware set from Jonathan Adler. A nod to the glorious days of the 80’s, show your kid what rad means by gifting these light up skates with six different flashing modes, perfect for any kid who longs to turn heads on the skating rink.